Our Latest Work

2019-04-05 22

Wood House, alterations and additions

We have been working with the Woods for five years, proceeding with a ...

Workshops at Totness, S.A.

  We like our buildings to support ideas external to the normal  self-  referencing ...
2017-10-20 18.14.08

Beerenberg Headquarters Hahndorf S.A

We congratulate the management and staff at Beerenberg on their taking up ...
North Elevation

Wall House, Norton Summit, S.A

This is an existing house renovated and extended for cherry orchard clients at Norton ...

What Our Clients Say

“We congratulate you on finding a solution for a very difficult site”

– DAP presiding member Stephen Haines, The Courier, 16.5.12.

A design for a house in the Hills Face Zone has been described as “an extraordinary building”

– Stephen Haines, presiding member Adelaide Hills Council's Development Assessment Panel

“My friend came into the new Kitchen and said: ‘was this designed by an architect?’; I replied that it had, and he said: ‘yes, you can tell!'”

– Bruce Wood