Commercial and Public Buildings

Central South Australia is undergoing expansion and change, and part of this is the
creation of new commercial, industrial and public developments and the refurbishment of
existing ones to serve the growing populations of its cities and towns. We have designed
many commercial, industrial and public buildings and fit-outs to suit a wide variety of
activities – from shops, offices and warehouses to food-processing plants, schools and
elder’s villages.

Our method enlarges upon the requirements of the client’s brief towards the creation of

a well-planned,
energy-efficient and
comfortable development which
people recognize and admire, which can become part of the client’s brand, and
part of the region’s heritage.
We know how much buildings cost; we can tailor a great design to your budget.


We have been designing houses in S.A. for twenty-five years, and know the rigours of
our state’s terrain and climate intimately. We also well know the local planning and
development rules, and how much houses cost.

We love designing houses, and, if required, we can administer their construction. Most
home-builders have a deep sense of commitment to their project, and often have well-
developed ideas about the spaces, forms or equipment they want. Our design method

the inclusion of the owners’ dreams and specifics, and
adds delight and interest to a well-organised and efficient house.
We always aim to have winter sunshine beaming into living areas, with
the same areas shaded, cool and breezy during summer.
Every room should have a good view to outside, to the landscape or a garden.
Interiors should be light, spacious and comfortable with
plenty of storage space.
Bathrooms should be airy and warm.
Kitchens should have enough space for preparation and serving of food without
congestion, but enable it with a minimum of movement between appliances.

Great design does not need to cost any more…