Situated in the Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide Hills is quite close to Adelaide and is a place that has earned its reputation due to wineries, cafes, restaurants and as a wedding destination. The vast expanse of natural vegetation has drawn people from all over Australia and abroad. One thing that also sets it apart is the architecture here. Architecture gives a definite physical appearance to a city or a region. Hence it becomes essential to know about the Public Building Design in Adelaide Hills.

Before delving deep into the subject and understanding the types of public buildings, let us first check out the very definition of public buildings. As the word suggests, public buildings are generally the buildings that are funded by the government of the region. Hence, public buildings in Adelaide will mainly constitute the buildings that are run and maintained by the government. It may be designed and constructed by a private company that the government appoints to get the job done.

Public Building Design Adelaide Hills can be accessible to the general public, or in many cases, it may not be. Some are tourist buildings which are generally open from a certain period to a particular period. However, the category of a public building is not just limited to that.

Let us explore the different examples of Public Building Design in Adelaide Hills


Many libraries are funded by the government. The design for the library is different from other public buildings. Libraries are generally large with a huge hallway that can accommodate books. With digitization, there has been the installation of e-books. There is a proper reading room, which is designed for easy reading and research work. Libraries have now become a dynamic place, and it is not just books and publications but also events and learning programs that take place in libraries. The design of libraries is to be made keeping in mind these events, plus there must be adequate provision of silence and non-disturbance so that people in the reading room do not get disturbed. Hence the Public Building Design Adelaide Hills as for libraries has become quite dynamic and has gone through many rounds of changes and innovation with the passing time.


Next in the line is school. There are many private schools too. As far as public schools are concerned, the designs are of many types. What is the most critical factor in schools is the acre of land. Schools are generally not constructed in small land as there are compounds, labs, playing field, lunch room, and also a short library that is included. This calls in for a large area, and the design has to be intricate keeping in mind the comfort of children and that of a teacher. With comfort, one crucial thing is that there should be adequate provision for safety like a fore escape and so on.

The ‘Public Building Design in Adelaide Hills’ category will also include courthouses. Courthouses are funded and maintained by the government from the tax that they collect from the public. Trials, documentation, and other legal formalities are done here at courthouses. Apart from the construction, there are regular repairing and renovation activities that are carried on. These activities too require experts, and without the experts, the public buildings are going to lose its beauty. Public buildings form the beauty of a place as they are rich in architectural beauty and often are seen to be visited by the tourist. However, some of the public buildings may not be open for the visitors but strictly for the day to day work of the government in public interest.

The next one that has become an important category of building for Public Building Design in Adelaide Hills is that of post offices. Post offices constitute an important part of the region, and without it; it is just not possible for the communication to function. Although one hand, there has been a rapid development of technology and a lot of things can be exchanged without physical communication, but the post offices remain something that cannot be ever done with. It has to be there. Since there is a lot of subdivisions of post offices based on the different kinds of activities performed, one cannot be very lenient with its designs. The design has to be laid out by experts who know what the basic requirements are. One of the companies in Adelaide Hills is Adelaide Architect, which is dedicating its expertise in the field of designs. Not just that, there is growing quality of services that they are providing in Residential drafting services in Adelaide.

There are many Home Design Planner in Adelaide Hills, and you can get in touch with any of them. One thing that is very important here is that consulting the people around you. If you are getting a public design ready, it is most likely that you are going to have a panel and that you will be working in association with others. Together, it is vital that the tender of design is provided to the best of designers so that there is an adequate use of building materials and maximization of utility, and the cost is not very high. Often in public projects, the cost goes up too high, but with good designers, you can achieve the optimum position where you get quality service along with an adequate price that is not going to run out of budget.