Mt Barker Civic Centre(1)
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Elepanel, Mount Barker 2

Our Latest Work

2019-04-05 22

Wood House, alterations and additions

We have been working with the Woods for five years, proceeding with a ...

Workshops at Totness, S.A.

  We like our buildings to support ideas external to the normal  self-  referencing ...
Side garden  view of the house

Colman House, Mannum, S.A

The Colman house  is sited in a ‘bush’ setting high above the ...
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Beerenberg Headquarters Hahndorf S.A

We congratulate the management and staff at Beerenberg on their taking up ...

What Our Clients Say

“We congratulate you on finding a solution for a very difficult site”

– DAP presiding member Stephen Haines, The Courier, 16.5.12.

A design for a house in the Hills Face Zone has been described as “an extraordinary building”

– Stephen Haines, presiding member Adelaide Hills Council's Development Assessment Panel

“My friend came into the new Kitchen and said: ‘was this designed by an architect?’; I replied that it had, and he said: ‘yes, you can tell!'”

– Bruce Wood